What I Saw in the US

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I visited seven Pinellas County Schools and the Administration Building, Florida, with 20 other teachers in my prefecture, Iwate, Japan. We went there by a program named 'Sending Teachers to Schools Overseas' by the Ministry of Education in Japan. Although this was my 5th trip to overseas (3rd to USA), visiting Florida was my first time. It was a very good chance to update information about the USA, which I tell my students in my TEFL classes. It can be said that my primary purpose.

We were moved very much since all the people in the schools and the Administration Building were so good to us. I deeply appreciate it. Also, I made a lot of American friends during my visit. They are obviously my treasure in the future. Please keep in touch with me from now on.

I will put several hundred pictures taken by my digital camera in the links below.

Special thanks to Mr.Gary Wallace, a previous Assistant Language Teacher who has worked with me, for checking and correcting my English.

Our Schedule

Thu. Oct.12 Departed from Narita at 16:20--Arrived at Tampa Bay at 19:28 (The flight took us 12hrs. 30mins.)

Fri. Oct.13 Orientation, Sightseeing in Tampa Bay

Sat. Oct.14 Departed from Tampa by bus--Arrived at St.Petersburg, Sightseeing in St.Petersburg

Sun. Oct.15 Studying about Penillas County

Mon. Oct.16 School visit to Countryside High School, and Perkins Elementary School

Tue. Oct.17 School visit to Baypoint Elementary School, and visit to the Administration Building

Wed. Oct.18 School visit to Eisenhower Elementary School, and Safety Harbor Middle School

Thu. Oct.19 School visit to Palm Harbor University High School, and Palm Harbor Middle School

Fri. Oct.20 Preperation of the Dinner Reception, Educational Exchange, and the Dinner Reception

Sat. Oct.21 Sightseeing in St.Petersburg, Home visiting

Sun. Oct.22 Observation of various activities in Pinellas County community

Mon. Oct.23 Departed from Orlando at 15:25--Arrived at L.A. at 17:26 (The flight took us 5hrs.)

Tue. Oct.24 Group Activity

Wed. Oct.25 Team Activity

Thu. Oct.26 Departed from L.A. at 11:00

Fri. Oct.27 Arrived at Narita at 14:20 (The flight took us 11hrs. 30mins.)

The pictures I took....

From Narita to St.Petersburg

Sightseeing in Tampa Bay

Sightseeing in St.Petersburg

Countryside High School

Perkins Elementary School

Bay Point Elementary School

Administration Office

Eisenhower Elementary School

Safety Harbor Middle School

Palm Harbor Univ. High School

Palm Harbor Middle School

Reception Party

Sightseeing + Home Visiting

Sunset of Bay of Mexico etc.

Moving to L.A.

Sightseeing in L.A.

Back to Japan


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