Thu., Oct.12@We Flew from Narita to Tampa.

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I took a Super Express train and Narita Express train to go to a hotel in Narita City. 21 teachers from Iwate got together and had the last(?) Japanese dinner on October 11. Next day, we went to the Narita International Airport #2 building. I was surprised to see a shuttle train to carry us to the boarding exits.

The Delta Airline Flight#56 had an alarm at #3 engine, and it took off more than 30 minutes late from its departure time 16:20. I was a little scared not to fall down. We had a nice dinner after about 3 hours later.

We arrived at Atlanta about 15:50, the same day, because we crossed the date line. Then we flew to Tampa. The left picture is of Mexican Gulf, and the right one is of near Tampa.

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