Fri., Oct.13@Sightseeing in Tampa Bay

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We arrived at Tampa Bay and checked in Holiday Inn Tampa. Because of the jet lag, I couldn't sleep well at night. When I woke up at 3:00 a.m., I watched TV or listened to FM stations with my radio-casette recorder. That night I enjoyed a TV program with a lot of funny videos sent from audience. I was surprised to see the morning sky around 7:10 a.m.. As you see the picture below, it was still DARK! This happens because of the Daylight Saving. Also, it didn't get dark until 8:00 p.m., too. When I went out in the morning, I saw a lot of palm trees here and there which made me feel like being at a southern part.

We went around Tampa Bay by bus. First we visited Ybor City. When we had lunch, I ordered a chicken sandwich and a vanilla shake, and ate out in the terrace. Some teachers who visited the USA for the first time had a trouble when they order their food. In addition to their difficulty in English, they took a lot of time in ordering. In Japan, we often choose our food from several 'set menu,' or even order the same food someone ordered, saying 'the same.' Here we learned that people in the US always choose anything with their own mind. We heared that the City of Tampa is famous for producing cigar, and we visited a cigar shop in which a professional cigar maker was working. I felt 'this is real cigar' when I saw he was rolling cigars.

Next, we visited USF, University of South Florida, Tampa Campus. We learned that there was a train station and people built a gourgeous hotel near the station. Later the building was changed into a college building. I positively liked the college! It looked like exactly a castle of several hundred years ago. The corridors were gorgeous, and there was a huge room with a dome on it. I felt like studying in such a university.

We had dinner at a famous steak house. The first picture is one I took a road in front of the restaurant. A large area whose wideness was about 2 or 3 times of the road, is kept beside the road. I felt the wideness of the US in such a view, too. Now, the dinner was served in a course menu with an appetizer, a side dish, an entree, and a desert. The entree was beef, and the amount was pretty much for me. Since the waitress who served us was very cheerful, we could have an enjoyable dinner there.

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