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The final morning of our stay finally came. We left the hotel at 8:00 a.m. and took a bus to Los Angeles Int'l Airport in slight rain. On our way, I saw a train running on a railroad.

The airplane bound for Japan took off from L.A., flew along sea coast of California, toward Alaska. When I looked at my watch after dinner, it was 9:46 p.m.. This means it was already night in L.A., but the scene from the plane was still in the daytime. That means we were chasing the sun.

I was trying to take a look at Alaska and Hokkaido, but failed, because thick cloud was always below us. Once I noticed a ring of a light, just looking like a rainbow. What was it ?

Our plane began to go down to Narita. When I looked at my watch, the time it showed was 11:26 p.m. of October 26th in California. In Japan it was 3:26 p.m. of October 27th. We lost a day when we came back. The plane went down more enough to see the land scape. I saw beautifully arranged rice field, thin roads which had only two lanes for both directions, and cars seemed to run much slower than the ones in the US. They made me feel that I came back to Japan.

We had a fairwell ceremony in the airport while we were waiting for our stuff came out. Then we took Narita Express train for Tokyo. I was surprised to see how fast it got in Japan, because there is no daylight saving system in Japan, and because we moved to northern part comparing to Florida or California. We transfered to Super Express train to Iwate.

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