Fri., Oct.20@Reception Party

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An information exchange about education and a reception party was going to be held this day. Before the preperation that would start at 10 a.m., I went out to take some pictures with my digital camera around the hotel.

We began to prepare for the exchange meeting and the reception party. Since I was busy in writing invitation cards, I couldn't help other people. These rooms were also decolated a little in Japanese way.

The information exchange meeting began. I was so nervous because I was a chair person. The themes we talked about were very broad, such as 'students' activities using experience,' 'informational education,' or 'feelings after visiting schools in Pinellas County.' To my surprise, there was a question 'Why do you Japanese teachers visit schools in the US, although we teachers in this country are trying to keep up with excellent Japanese Education ?' I think it's a good thing for both of us to learn good ways, and use them for our daily classes.

After the information exchange meeting, our guests enjoyed sections introducing Japanese culture in the lobby before the reception ceremony. 'Shuji,' calligraphy, 'origami,' paper folding, and 'Haiku,' Japanese poet using 17 Japanese letters were demonstrated by some of us, then by our guests. I heard there were some of our guests who have visited Japan before.

The night came, and the reception party began. All I could eat during the party were two pieces of steak and two pieces of cheese cakes, since I was a chair person again. A teacher named Maria who teaches in an elementary school sat next to me, and we talked a lot of things. She has been to Japan before, and she changed into Japanese 'kimono' that she bought in Tokyo. We were so surprised ! She was highly interested in one of my survenir which is made by a wooden plate with 'Ten Good Sayings about Health' written in Japanese on it. So I translated all of them in English. For the closing of the party, we sang a Japanese traditional song called 'Sakura Sakura,' and danced 'Morioka Sansa' dance altogether. I wonder if they enjoyed the party.

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